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Advances in technology can increase convenience and efficiency for businesses and their customers, saving time and money all around.  However, these same technologies may open the door to new security threats that compromise confidential information and even business operations.  By now, no one is surprised to hear about issues like data breaches, identity theft, and ransomware attacks, which is why it’s shocking that so many companies are woefully under-protected and unprepared to deal with these threats.

Naturally, you want to take precautions to weather a storm, which is why you go to great lengths to install firewalls to keep threats at bay, as well as create system backups that allow for recovery should you get locked out during a ransomware attack.  Wouldn’t you really rather have early warnings, though?  Wouldn’t you rather have access to credible intelligence that allows you to act preemptively to avoid potential threats?

Says Jeremy Samide, CEO of Stealthcare, “Playing defense is no longer adequate.”  This is why Stealthcare developed Zero Day Live, “the world’s first complete cyber threat intelligence aggregation platform” to spot emerging trends, uncover actionable information, and report on high-value intelligence that allows companies to act quickly to avoid impending threats.

How does this platform work and what can it do for companies looking to mitigate the risks of utilizing modern technologies?  Here’s what every business should know about the potential for stopping threats in their tracks thanks to an early warning system.

Threat Assessment

Anyone could be at the mercy of a skilled cyber criminal if not properly prepared.  While it’s true that high-level hackers are much more likely to go after high-level targets, there are certainly unscrupulous elements willing to strike smaller targets, which means no company is safe from the threat of breach or malicious behavior.

Any company that wants to avoid trouble needs to perform regular threat assessments to test current security measures and spot vulnerabilities that could result in negative outcomes.  The professionals at Stealthcare are adept at examining business systems and pinpointing both internal and external vulnerabilities in networks, websites, mobile apps, and more.  With the information provided by such assessment, your company can take steps to implement appropriate security measures and protect against known threats.

Ongoing Assistance

Zero Day Live is not a one-and-done solution for cyber security threats.  Stealthcare is staffed with talented and experienced technology and security specialists prepared not only to design and implement security solutions, but to see them through with ongoing security management services.  Creating a secure infrastructure is only the beginning.  From there, Stealthcare provides threat monitoring, upgrades, and other needed services to keep client companies secure amid a vast ocean of ever-changing security threats.

In addition to providing the latest security options thanks to partnerships with cutting-edge hardware and software providers, Stealthcare also offer services like ongoing risk mitigation and security consultations.  Whether companies are looking for expert advice on how to proceed with security strategies or they need technology and security solutions that will take them into the future, Stealthcare is prepared to accommodate every security need.

Aggregating Actionable Information

If you knew what was coming, you would always be prepared to face potential problems head-on.  The unfortunate truth, however, is that you can’t possibly know the future, and even if you could somehow track chatter about impending cyber attacks, you wouldn’t know which intelligence was credible and which murmurs were mere noise.  It would be like reading the National Enquirer and trying to find the kernel of truth among the hype and outright fabrications.

This is where an intelligence platform like Zero Day Live shines.  The program does all the heavy lifting by synthesizing research and intelligence from a wide variety of sources, then analyzing it to spot trends, pinpoint high-value intelligence, and deliver reports designed to help businesses make wise choices about their security.

To date, Stealthcare has spotted early warning signs of massive cyber attacks, including the WannaCry ransomware, the Dyn cyber attack, and attacks on the Democratic and Republican National Committees, among others.  According to Samide, the Zero Day Live Platform is capable of providing “unique indicators of compromise likely to occur”, which allows companies to prepare for impending threats, rather than having to react to them as they occur.

Disaster Recovery

Even with threat assessments, ongoing maintenance, and credible data to act on, there is no crystal ball that can accurately predict every cyber attack, so you need to be prepared for the one-in-a-million scenario where disaster strikes.  In addition to threat preparedness and managed security solutions, Stealthcare offers incident response services.

If a cyber attack occurs, or worse, a security breach is successful, your business could suffer major damage, including compromised data, government penalties, and loss of business and revenue, not to mention reputation.  Stealthcare’s early warning system will help to stave off the vast majority of threats to your business, but having a disaster recovery plan in place will stop the attack before it can create further damage and help you to recover post haste.


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