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5 SQL Injection Testing Tools for Free

Injection attacks are the worst.

If you have ever witnessed an SQL-based injection exploit, you know what it means. Businesses have lost money, reputation, and money to hackers exploiting this vulnerability.

Did you know that the world’s biggest data breach was due to an SQL Injection attack?

Basically, you can’t afford to ignore this security loophole. SQL injection testing tools can easily help you cover the weaknesses that hackers are most likely to use. In fact, hackers use similar automated testing tools to find out which web assets are worth exploring, at scale.

Whether you are a small business, blogger, or an established company, we have just the right mix of injection tools that will help you.

1. SQL Map

SQLMap was recently covered in our OWASP Testing Tools guide for its prowess in finding injection flaws. This free tool is available on GitHub and comes with full support for MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access, IBM DB2, SQLite, Firebird, Sybase, SAP MaxDB, Informix, HSQLDB and H2.

The reason why SQL map makes it to the top of the list is its ability to find six different types of injection-based vulnerabilities. However, your team will need tech abilities to use it.

  • Boolean-based blind
  • Error-based
  • Out-of-band
  • Stacked queries
  • Time-based blind
  • UNION query

2. MisterScanner

MisterScanner is another powerful SQL Injection testing tool designed to find all kinds of weaknesses. Reporting is probably the best feature of the product. You get detailed, easy to understand analysis with guided recommendations on how to get rid of the vulnerabilities.

MisterScanner is used by companies like Amazon, Bosch, and Zendesk. It also tests web applications for Cross-site Scripting, Cross-site Request Forgery, and other OWASP Top 10 issues. This SQL testing tool is perfect for small to big companies looking for self-assessment and detailed yet simple analysis of the security landscape of the website.

3. SQLi Scanner by Pentest Tools

Pentest Tools is undoubtedly one of the most popular options, and for the right reason. It discovers SQL injection vulnerabilities in web applications and provides a quick view of the findings along with the risk ratings.

With every finding, you get an in-depth description along with recommendations on how to deal with the vulnerability. Apart from SQL Injection loopholes, this tool also finds XSS, CSRF, and other OWASP issues. The first two light scans are free, and the basic plan starts at $65 a month.

4. Find XSS

Find XSS is one of the leading tools to look for Cross-site Scripting vulnerabilities. Recently, they have also come up with an SQLi testing tool. Although we haven’t tested their scanner, we have read positive reviews from people searching for free tools. You can upload PHP files or ZIP archives and immediately start scanning the assets.

There are options for screening functions in your script along with files extensions filter to scan. Please make sure that you upload all the files of the project to ensure proper testing. There is an array of tools on the left that you might want to explore too.

5. Detectify

For $29 a month, Detectify Deep Scan is a go-to testing tool for most businesses online. It is more than a SQL tester with coverage for more than 1500 vulnerabilities including OWASP Top 10, CORS and Amazon S3 Bucket misconfigurations. The tool uses the real payload to get real results rather than the testing versions.

Managed by a community of more than 130 ethical hackers, the database of this product is constantly updated from data across the globe. Detectify also offers a knowledge hub with an extensive knowledge base, attack demos, remediation, and tutorials.   

By Ishan Mathur

From stopping hackers to getting the fastest CDN, I'm helping big and small companies choose what's best for them by building a community here.

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