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5 Record User Session Tools like Hotjar

Want to understand how your visitors interact with the page? Here’s is the list of website visitor session recording tools.

Whether you are with marketing, product management, or SaaS sales, it is insightful to understand how users interact with the offerings page. Get to know how a visitor interacts with your website, where he navigates and what he clicks on, for your website. All of it, without affecting the speed of your page.

With a wide array of tools available in the market today, you can record the activity of your users on your web property, to scan vulnerability exploits or other purposes. It is almost as if you are watching it through a camera. You can see when a user scrolls down or what he clicks on and more such activity.


Hotjar offers a real-time recording of your user’s session so that you can view what your user is able to see on your website.

It is your choice if you want to record this for every page or for a page only. If you are looking to optimize certain features of your website, such as products or pricing, it will be worthy to focus the tool on a specific and relevant page.

With Hotjar, you can tag a video recording, secure notes while you watch the user action, share recordings, search the recordings and more. With just one script, you will be able to use the tool on any platform like Magento, WordPress and more. For users who might be using a Google tag manager, the script can be run on the platform, which might prove to be very easy for maintenance purpose.

2. SmartLook

Offering something similar is SmartLook visitor recording tool, which provides its users with up to 20,000 options to record a user session, free. With the free plan, you can also access the history of their recording for up to one month.

This brand also offers other free tools including heatmaps, event tracking, and funnel.

3. Inspectlet

With Inspectlet session recorder, you can record up to 100 sessions free of cost with this tool. After recording the sessions, you can filter the sessions on many aspects such as new visitors, recurring visitors, contents of exit page, contents of entry page and more.

The tool can be tested based on a demo as well. For users of WordPress platform, a plugin can be installed to perform the action while users can use a code for any other type of platform, to carry out the action.

4. Mouseflow

Mouseflow features are like sitting in front of a television set and watching the recording play. You can view what a visitor to your website is doing, where he lands, and/or what button he hovers or click. The recordings help in monitoring user activity and preferences, which can be very useful in predicting consumer behavior.

5. Hoverowl

Hoverowl is another free offering to record user sessions. You can record up to 250 sessions and map them on the website for predicting user actions and preferences.

This tool offers a lot more than session recording with design templates and targeting windows to collect leads from your visitors.

Today, every marketer or product developer needs real-time insights on how users interact with their property. These tools can prove to be a very useful and value-adding addition to your website. With their use, you can view what a visitor is doing on your website. This can be useful to catch malicious activity and prevent hacking of your website. Or to derive product or behavioral info.

At the same time, it will come in handy when you need to observe the behavior of your customers and predict the pattern which they follow on your website. The functionality of these tools can be aligned to a larger business vision and can prove to be very useful. When the recording capability is added to these tools, you can derive maximum benefit by playing back user sessions and extracting useful data for yourself and the company stakeholders.


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