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5 Vulnerability Scanners Like Qualys to Test Website

If you are looking for a vulnerability scanner as good as or better than Qualys, we have the perfect list for you.

Qualys is undeniably one of the most popular web security scanners on the market. However, several users have often complained about the pricing model and even the quality of scans in the last couple of years.

Whether you need something inexpensive or with added features, this list has everything. It contains a mix of products that are better, cheaper, different and yet similar to what Qualys WAS has to offer.

1. Detectify

Ironically, we had recently written a post on Detectify and here it makes to the top of the list. Detectify Deep Scan offers everything that you would expect from tools like Qualys. It detects all kinds of security weaknesses across the web assets including XSS, CSRF, SQLi and others.

Priced $50 per month, it will cost you lower than the Qualys scan and will offer a similar kind of features except for deep scans for mobile applications and IoT.

2. Mister Scanner

Initially developed as an inexpensive tool for small businesses, Mister Scanner has come a long way. Loaded with similar features, this vulnerability scanner offers premium detection of SQLi, XSS and CSRF flaws. It can also test for server misconfigurations and malware issues on the site.

The basic unlimited plan of site tool starts at $2 and it is the most inexpensive tool on our list. It is easy to use and come with an added penetration testing for another $2 a month. We were impressed with the results and look forward to the company’s growth.

3. Acunetix

One of the oldest web security tools deserves a spot on our feature list. Acunetix Web Scan is more than one product. It takes care of your web application vulnerabilities but also packs network scanning as part of the subscription.

In terms of price, Acuentix slightly cheaper than Qualys and you get solid on-premise support with this tool. However, Acunetix’s support is not a powerful thing especially across countries outside the United States. We suggest that you take the free trial and read a few reviews to decide for yourself.

4. Tenable.Io

We rate Tenable better at almost every feature that Qualys offers. Hailed as the best tool on market, Tenable is easy to use and trustable. There is a flexible 30-day trial for the product but once you decide to purchase, you will have to pay a yearly fee. There is no monthly subscription for the product.

The basic plan with 65 assets will cost you more than $75 a month, at yearly subscription. You can also get the 3-day trial extended with a simple call with the support team. Even if you are not ready to pay $2000+ in one go, we recommend testing this product once.

5. WhiteHat

WhiteHat web application security also offers a 30-day trial period. It takes the scanning game one step ahead by helping you remediate the issues found during the automated testing. Built to scale with your business, WhiteHat scanning is proactive. It continuously assesses your web applications and offers remediation before hackers can exploit them.

Unfortunately, the added security is going to cost you extra. Starting from $3,250 Per year/user, WhiteHat is one of the most expensive security tools on the market. However, the features are like Qualys and with a 30-day trial, you might want to test it out.

Our Recommendation:

There is a reason why you are looking for an assessment tool
like Qualys. Make sure that it takes all the features and you are absolutely
sure of the ability to finding vulnerabilities. We suggest that you go with an
inexpensive tool for a free trial before actually paying for yearly

By Ishan Mathur

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