6 Monitor Website Changes Free Tools

Managing unexpected changes on the website is critical. Here’s your list of monitoring tools.

Running an online business is no easy task. While you are busy promoting the product, making changes that help convert sales, and managing a thousand other tasks, hackers are constantly trying to deface, alter your site.

Such security compromises mean that hackers can change the content at will, make pages different, or even install malware advertising that will also affect your customers.

It is only worthwhile to monitor the website changes, including pages, posts, stored files, codes and more, which can make or break the website. Website changes such as alterations in settings and codes, could mean major developments for your business.

Security attacks to web settings and errors in the content of the website are some of the areas, where website changes cab be affected. A simple example of this could be the removal of an important web page by mistake or hackers, which could attract legal implications.

In order to monitor such website changes, there are a number of applications which can be used.

Such tools can help manage situations like broken page elements, changes in codes, and monitoring competition. It is important to understand the purpose of using a tool, before actually using one.


This is a neat tool that involves features that you won’t find with other tools on the market. It involves monitoring website changes in chrome extension, mobile apps, and private pages.

You can use this tool to import and export data in multiple formats and allow the use of custom proxies. With these features, the tool becomes quite effective and offers a diverse range of features to its users.

  • Custom tracking frequency
  • Smart conditions for notifications
  • Maintain history by versions
  • Monitor password protected pages
  • Select items to track visually
  • Filter alerts on conditions

 2. Fluxguard

Locking of content behind a login form can be quite tricky to manage. Thanks to this tool, you can easily run it on your website to track the network activity on your webpage and to place advance filters. Using the visual comparisons provided by this tool, it becomes possible for a user to find a way around locked content.

  • HTML page detection
  • Text and pixel by pixel changes
  • Automated filters
  • Trusted by companies like Samsung and Nokia
  • Basic plan available for free

3. Wachete

With this tool, you can monitor not just a single page but an entire portal and add it to your archives for a complete record. The tool is quite unique in terms of what it offers to its users. It makes integration with third party apps easier and allows a user to crawl behind login forms.

  • Monitor several pages simultaneously
  • Perfect for tracking competition
  • View numeric data in graphs
  • Monitor specific part of the page
  • Collect history of changes on a page to up to 6 months
  • Get weekly or daily updates

4. Visualping

Visualping provides basic, simple yet effective page-level monitoring through screenshots, which is useful to track website changes in the appearance of a web page in between set durations. This type of technology can be efficient when a user needs to constantly track the visual changes on his website.

  • Works on screenshot to screenshot comparison
  • Can be optimized for the comparison period
  • Instant notification when changes are detected
  • Completely free to use

5. ChangeTower

With a host of features, this tool is not here to help you only with website changes. With the help of this tool, you can also discover new ways to use your website. Among the best features of this tool is the possibility to add multiple conditions that can monitor rules and the ability to track visual changes with the content. You can also receive alerts using this tool, which will tell you if something is going wrong with your website.

  • HTML Snapshots
  • Detailed alerts
  • Multi-user alerts
  • Code monitoring
  • Keyword and phrases monitoring
  • Visual snapshots

6. Versionista

You can easily browse all the web pages and discover new content with Versionista. This tool provides access to detailed reports, which can be extended to view relative changes in different aspects of your website. You may also apply different filters to modify the type of reports that you can view.

  • Monitor changes on HTML, PDF and other properties
  • Automated scanning
  • Built for scalability as you grow
  • Easy color-coded reports to understand the changes
  • Instant alert for changes
  • Compliance and SEO support

Monitoring the website changes is a concept that not many people are quite aware of but that does not mean that it is not quite necessary. A simple idea such as this can evolve to provide a diverse range of features and utility functions to users. In order to uplift your business, you can easily make use of these tools to leverage your web presence.

By Ishan Mathur

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