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Scanning security vulnerabilities on your Magento website.

With almost seven per cent of share in the ecommerce domain, Magento ranks number three on the list of top technologies which are employed by online stores today.

Most online shop owners already understand the technology they use for the business.

Like with any online business, it is important to ensure that their store is safe from a hacker. However, like any other technology, even Magento has its own share of vulnerabilities and risks. Businesses must be on top of any vulnerabilities that might arise.

Only a security scanner is likely to detect a risk that might be existing on your website. Continuous security monitoring is one of the best ways to guard the security of your website.


Foregenix community is dedicated to security online shops and their payment systems globally.  Its Magento security scanner is powerful.

You can run an external scan using this tool and receive a highly detailed report regarding aspects such as Magmi, outdated versions, admin disclosure, credit card hijack, secret leaks, detection of malware, SSL certificate, and more.

The test report generated by the tool can also be received on the email of the user in a dedicated PDF format. Foregenix scanner is capable to detecting vulnerabilities in advance but it can also alert you if the site has already been compromised.

Security Patch Tester

Security Patch Tester is a simple ye efficient way of testing your applications without spending a fortune for it.  The tool has been designed specifically to detect any of the recent vulnerabilities or risks which might be affecting your Magento Store. It comes in handy when you need to verify a security patch. The job can be done very easily without devoting much time.


MageReport is a free service scanner for Magento that allows shop owners to dynamically test their Content Management System and find security vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit.

One of the most popular scanners for the technology, this tool checks a website for known vulnerabilities including vital aspects such as admin disclosure, Visbot malware, ransomware, Security patch 9652, 6482, 6788 and more.

As an added feature, you will also be able to check for third party vulnerabilities, in addition to core Magento. The tool allows a user to register for information regarding new vulnerabilities.


Unlike the other tools listed here, this one is not unique to Magento alone. However, it can come in handy for testing different components of the website. Sucuri is extremely useful when you need to scan your website for some of the common online threats such as Malware, Website blacklisting, injected SPAM, and defacements.


If you need a tool which analyses different metrics of your Magento store, then Acunextix is the one to use. According to the metrics analysed by the tool, it allots a risk rating to your store. Accordingly, your store could be given a low risk rating or a high-risk rating. The tool also displays the percentage of metrics which pass the test and the metrics which are classified as unknown.

Mage Scan

Unlike the other tools listed here, Mage Scan performs just one task and does it efficiently. It scans your Magento site against the standard security practices and provides reports on loopholes like outdated software, missing patches, unvalidated redirections, and more. This tool is perfect for any site owner looking to start from the basic and ensure that the store is free from common loopholes.

By making use of these tools, you will be able to detect risks and vulnerabilities which exist on your web store. These tools help in outlining the security flaws which exist with your store, which might convert into a threat at a later date.

As per recent reports and statistics, it has been concluded that almost 62% of the online stores, running on Magento technology, suffer from one or more vulnerabilities and threats.

This could mean severe implications for an online store, which any user would certainly wish to avoid. With some of the stores facing more than four issues with their operation, it is worthy to make use of these tools to find and block hacking attempts.

By Ishan Mathur

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