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7 Load Testing Tools Online for Best Performance

When it comes to working upon your website, what you usually are concerned about is the website design, marketing through SEO, the security of website using tools and so on.

But there is often one thing that you might forget, website load.

How many users can at the same time access your website without it slowing down due to extensive load? This is the question that requires a little effort with the help of a set of load testing tools. These tools would help you in finding the points at which the load becomes too much for your website.

Following are some of the tools for Load Testing:

1. Load Impact

This tool ensures that you test your website in a virtual environment set up with 25 users at the same time for a span of 5 minutes. Load Impact Tool offers free account for the testing with these parameters. How has your website application performed with 25 users on board for a span of 5 minutes is what the result of this Load Testing tool would be? Memory, I/O, CPU, and Network usage reports and graphs depict the testing result.

2. Flood IO

Flood IO Tool is the best when it comes to unlimited user testing free plan. With its few limitations, it is preferred for website application load testing apart from API and DNS testing as well. The testing report shows the response time, latency, transaction metrics and so on as the readings for the Load Testing Performance.

3. Loader

This tool allows load testing with 1000 users at the same time but for the duration of 1 minute. Even if the time for testing in free plan is limited, the number of users makes up for it. A lot of readings in the report that includes Headers, Protocols, request methods, response variables and so on give a final Load Testing Result live.

4. Load Storm

With the Load Testing tool Load Storm, you have the option of testing out website performance against 10 users at the same time for a period of 10 minutes. This tool is best to start with to understand the result metrics and live monitoring.

5. Blazemeter

With this tool you can test upon upload possibilities from various places like Virginia, Singapore, Tokyo, Sydney and so on. Its free account gives you a limit of 50 users to test with. At the end of the test, you would be able to receive Load Testing Report with test summaries, monitoring graphs and logs.

6. Load Focus

This load testing tool restricts your test location to Ireland or US. The limit set on users is 500. You can not only successfully test the website performance but also its speed and monitoring graphs.

7. OctoPerf

A web browser-based testing tool, OctoPerf allows you to not only test but also to design, monitor as well as analyse the performance of your website. It allows to test Mobile Application and API as well.

All the above load testing tools allow you to monitor the performance through many result areas that it shows in the Report.

These areas include errors and details, average response time and breakdown, details of the request, test summary, work carried out in a certain duration, number of hits and so on.

By looking at these areas, it is quite easy to manage the website in such a way so as to allow a number of users to work at the same time without losing performance.

These load testing tools can help find the loopholes and the solutions for the same.

By Ishan Mathur

From stopping hackers to getting the fastest CDN, I'm helping big and small companies choose what's best for them by building a community here.

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