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Joomla Security Scanner for Your Site

Joomla is a popular choice these days when it comes to choosing a CMS for the website. In fact, the popularity is growing and in turn, increasing market shares. But the issue that has been found in this platform is of security configuration. Information leaks, SQL Injections, Cross-site scripting are some of the vulnerabilities of Joomla.

For a website to run safely, security measures are important and need to be given equal importance as website design. Hence, following Joomla Security Scanner Tools will be best to scan for vulnerabilities and risks to your website set up in Joomla CMS


It is a Joomla Management Tool that requires plugin-based installation on the website. It provides information by website auditing and carries out securing, upgradation, monitoring, and management processes. One by one each file is audited and all points of risks noted. Since the first subscription-based audit is free, you can install a plugin for your Joomla website and get done with auditing within a few minutes.


website security scanner, this tool provides a Joomla extension that helps to test your website for various risk factors. A free of cost version is available that gives proper reporting of audit, scanning of up to 500 files with one scan per day, update on virus database every day and logic that points out potential malware in the website.

Hacker Target

This security scanner tool has options for two types of scans: Passive and Aggressive. While Passive scan is free of cost, Active or aggressive scan requires a membership.

Passive Scan performs the work of index lookup in the directory, safe browsing google lookup, external linking, a listing of iframes and javascript and looking up web hosting.

Active or Aggressive Scan works on finding risks and vulnerabilities in themes, modules, components, extensions, and the core of Joomla.


A SaaS security scanner tool, Detectify looks into auditing of the large websites where possibilities of risk factors and vulnerabilities are greater than 500 in the count.

There are large security risks due to CMS platform inbuilt vulnerabilities. For this, Detectify runs comprehensive security checks on websites developed on CMS. It is available for a run in Free as well.

JAMSS (Joomla Anti-Malware Scan Script)

A PHP based script scan tool that requires uploading into the root of the website. A detailed check on the identification of access points and possible invalid accesses is carried out. The sole purpose of the script scan file is to generate scan results that can be accessed through the PHP file (jamss.php) in the root folder.


This security scan tool carries out Site Checking to search for any Spams, damage, malware, server issues, linking scripts and so on. It generates reports of the same and is free of cost.

Security Check

This security scan tool is basically an extension that requires installation on the CMS website. It protects from around 100 patterns of attacking the website. It ensures that no other installed extension causes risk to the website.


A free and open source security scan tool for Joomla website that produces vulnerability checks results on Core Joomla, components, SQL Injection, execution processes and so on. It is easy to get by downloading from OWASP or by using Kali Linux.

These Joomla website Security Scanner tools are used to secure your website, keep it safe from external elements as well as scan continuously from inbuilt vulnerabilities. These risks if caught on time can ensure the utmost safety of the website keeping it away from any possible loss in the near future.

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