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7 Free IP Scanner for Network Monitoring

Top-rated IP scanning and monitoring tools for free.

When it comes to handling dozens of networks and thousands of IPs, it can get frustrating. Network administrators face this challenge daily. And spreadsheets aren’t really a credible answer to the problem.

Administrators need something that can scan thousands of computers in seconds. Of course, there are plenty of commercial options in the market but if you need something free or freemium, we have a list of all the tools you should consider before paying for anything.

1. Free IP Scanner

What’s in the name? Well, everything for this IP scanning tool. Free IP Scanner is one of the fastest Internet Protocol and Port scanning options.

This lightweight tool can scan thousands of computers in a network in a matter of seconds and provide you all the relevant information including BIOS info, hostname, workgroup, port, MAC address, and more.

It is compatible with Windows 9x/2000/XP/2003/Vista/7/8/10.

2. Angry IP Scanner

Angry IP Scanner is another free, open-source IP scan option with over 29 million downloads till date. It is being used by administrators in popular companies. Moreover, it works without installation and can provide information on ping, hostname, IP range, ports, and much more.

Apart from scanning, Angry tool also has features to export reports to be shared with stakeholders. You can export and share reports in TXT, XML, IP-port list files, and CSV. You can also develop a plugin based on the tool.

angry IP scanner

It works with Windows, Mac, and Linux.

3. Solarwinds

IP Address Manager from Solarwinds is designed to offer everything administrators need to monitor their resources. Marketed as the ultimate management software designed to save time and money lost on errors, this tool offers a full-feature 30-day trial.

  • Automated tracking
  • Alerts and troubleshooting support
  • Detailed reports
  • On-prem and cloud DHCP and DNS support
  • API support
  • Microsoft, Infoblox, Cisco, ISC, BIND, Amazon Route 53 compatible

After the fully-functional trial is over, you will have to pay over $1,995.

4. Lizard Systems

If you are looking for a popular option used by leading companies across the world, Network Scanner by Lizard Systems is exactly what you need.

Designed for ease of use and scalability, it offers every feature that you can find on other tools on the list.

  • Ease to use interface perfect for event people with no experience on such tools
  • Perfect for scalability from a few computers to thousands
  • Filter results based on any criteria
  • Available for all users. Doesn’t ask for admin rights of the system
  • Export scan results and share them easily in html, xml, or txt
  • Customized check for every computer or network. For instance, you can create check to see if computers in your network are switched on or off.
  • From FTP and web server information to analyzing NetBIOS information, everything is available in the interface

A 10-day trial is available for this network IP scanner. After that, the personal license is free to use but you will have to pay $79 for a business license.

5. Lansweeper

Another popular free option, IP Scanner is perfect if you want a wide range of information represented in graphical formats. Although Lansweeper might not be one of the most popular options on the internet, it is quickly gaining ground.

This network IP scanning tool offers provides all the relevant network information fetched via WMI, SNMP, HTTP, FTP, SSH and other protocols.

  • Automated and on-demand scans
  • Import network via CSV file
  • Exclude or include devices in a click
  • Help desk support

The free trial 30-day of full feature functionality. After that, you will have to pay based on a number of assets.


NMAP is a security tool also used as an IP scanning mechanism. This tool is more than 20 years old and has been enthusiastically maintained by the development community. However, NMAP is not about glossy interface.

  • Ability to map out networks with routers, firewalls, and other filters
  • Supported by Linux, Microsoft Windows, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Solaris, IRIX, Mac OS X, HP-UX, NetBSD, Sun OS, Amiga, and more.
  • Command line and GUI version available for users of all kinds
  • Downloaded and used by thousands of administrators
  • Robust support network

NMAP is completely free for use.

7. NetCat

NetCat is much more than a traditional IP scanner. It does much more than that in terms of investigation and debugging. Initially released in 2004, this tool probably lags in user friendliness but certainly stands its ground in features.

  • In and out connections, UDP or TCP
  • To and from any port
  • Built-in port scanning options
  • Transfer files from the target
  • Create back-doors entries

NetCat is distributing under the GNU General Public License (GPL), which means that it is completely free to use.

Do you also have some tools in mind? Leave them in the comment below.

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