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7 Free CDN Options for Best Web Speed

Choose CDNs for free to boost site speed and security.

Performance and security are the two pillars on which the success of your website depends. If there is something wrong with these two metrics, things could turn southwards for you. With the right CDN solution, you can fix any lags in these two aspects and make your website perform smoothly.

As is rightly said, no user wants to view a website that loads slowly. If web pages’ load slowly, a business could potentially lose a lot of business. At the same time, the security of a website is an equally important aspect which must not be ignored.

In the absence of necessary protection, your website might be prone to hacking by malicious intruders. As per a recent statistic, it has been found that almost 97% of the applications today suffer from one or more vulnerabilities.

Most free CDN offer the feature of improving performance and maintaining security as well. Here are 7 CDN options which can work for your business.


One of the most modern methods to speed up your business site is Cloudflare. In its free plan, you will receive a host of features such as globally load balanced CDN, restful API, Cloudflare issued certificate, page rules and more. You can secure your website in less than 5 minutes for optimisation and security of the website.


This cloud-based security provider can help accelerate your website and offer protection from other websites as well. Under its free plan, you can avail features such as global CDN, minification, image optimisation, real time statistics and more. For an ecommerce website, it might be worthwhile to choose a paid plan though, which offer even wider features such as DDos protection, Load balancer and more.


Your website can become faster at a reduced bandwidth cost, with this tool. DataPath allows you to control your network and manage the bandwidth. With its free plan, you can get one elastic IP, ability to monitor traffic, and 500 GB traffic per month.

JS Deliver

Using this tool, business owners can offload several JavaScript libraries, CSS and much more. As a result of this, the resources on the website tend to run faster and smoother.


If you are running a low traffic website, this tool provides a considerable traffic under its free package. With almost 48 POP located across the world, you can increase the traffic to your website using this tool.

Site Accelerator

This is an image acceleration service which would come in very handy if you are using a WordPress platform with heavy images. The bandwidth of the image files can be offloaded so that the photos might load faster. The plugin can be enabled on the dashboard.


You can consider Netlify, if you are hosting a static website which is preferred by more than thousands of developers, who host another thousands of websites on them. A free plan by the tool offers the features of Rollbacks, continuous deployment, redirect rules and more.

The above-mentioned services can help your website load much faster. At the same time, these tools do not let your website compromise on the security front either.

The services mentioned above are all free of cost with certain limited functions but equally effective at helping a user.

With improved performance and added security, your website will be able to attract more visitors and offer greater utility to them in terms of how they interact with the website.

By Ishan Mathur

From stopping hackers to getting the fastest CDN, I'm helping big and small companies choose what's best for them by building a community here.

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