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8 Best Cyber Attack Simulation Tools for Businesses

You should check the flaws in your data centre security, before an outsider does! Cyber attacks are common in the present digital era, which are responsible for damaging business reputation. A network infrastructure is responsible to avoid a cyber attack but how can you get to know if it is doing its job?

Today, automated breach attack simulation is being used to check assets and scan them for protection. With the use of these tools, you can catch an attack on the data center so that corrective action can be taken. Take a look at the best tools here.

  1. Infection Monkey: If your application runs on the cloud, you can use this tool to run on the infrastructure which runs on Google Cloud, Azure, AWS or premises. This is an open source tool and can be installed in Windows and Docker. It does not disturb your network operations when it stimulates a nonintrusive attack, provides audit report, uses low CPU and memory and visualizes the network for the attacker.
  2. ThreatCare: This tool is used to validate the controls, recognize the threat and provide details in a short time. It can be used on Windows or cloud and works by mimicking how the attacker operates on your infrastructure. It helps identify the position of the security tools and how they might be compromised.
  3. NeSSi2: This is an open source tool designed on the JIAC framework. Its focus is to test different intrusion detection algorithms, analyse networks and detect profile based automated attacks. You need Java SE 7 and MySQL to run it.
  4. CALDERA: This is mainly an adversary emulation tool. It supports Windows Domain networks. It uses ATT&CK model to monitor and duplicate the behavior.
  5. Foreseeti: Using this tool you can attack your own infrastructure to check the risk it faces. You can add a model server, router, firewall and other services which have to be tested. You can then stimulate an attack to check if it breaks your model. This will also allow you to generate a report which provides details based on the attack so that precautions can be implemented. This brings down the overall risk levels.
  6. AttackIQ: This scalable platform provides one of the best security validations for your data center. The tool integrates with MITRE ATT&CK for some powerful features. The tool is powered by a powerful research team which is the industry leader in this field. It can customize an attack scene to demonstrate real-time threats. It can automate attacks and deliver continuous security reports and works on a primary operating system. The tool can be tried free of cost for two weeks.
  7. SCYTHE: With this tool, you can analyze the status of your organization in terms of risk exposure. The platform is powerful and easy to use. With its use, you can launch a real-time cyber threat campaign. It also delivers data which is used to analyze security endpoints in real time. It is available as a SaaS model or an on-premise model.
  8. XM Cyber: With this tool, you can get an advanced persistent threat simulation model to stay ahead of an attacker. With this tool, you can also select a target to stop or run an ongoing attack. The best features of the tool are updated attack methods, best practices and solutions, and customizing attack scenarios.

It is challenging to manage the IT risk of an organization but with these tools, you can lower the risk exposure of your data center security and also analyze the level of security.


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