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6 Best Website Bot Protection Tools

Bots are getting dangerous.

According to the Global Bot Traffic research, more than 50% of all traffic is bot traffic.

bot traffic

Is it that bad to have some bot traffic showing up on your website? The problem gets serious with feed fetchers, scrapers, and hacker bots that could potentially lead to content leak, DDoS attack, and high volume automated attacks like brute force.

According to Sucuri, 60% of all cyber-attacks are bot attacks. They allow hackers mass exposure, reduce attack costs, and higher chances of success within shorter frame of time.

Source: Incapsula

That is why anti-bot protection has become mandatory for online businesses. We have tested over a dozen of DDoS security tools to bring you the best of them.

1 CloudFlare

CloudFlare is one of the few companies that understands the bot menace. They have developed custom web application firewall rules to ensure that common bot attacks are stopped right in their tracks. With instant blocking and cloud deployment, this is one of the top solutions against bot armies.

  • Content Scraping Prevention
  • Checkout Fraud Detection
  • Account Takeover Control
  • Custom Block Rules
  • Granular Rate Limiting
  • API Whitelisting


CloudFlare’s bot and DDoS protection package toe ensure website and customer safety.


2 Incapsula

Incapsula Bad Bot Mitigation offers advanced profiling techniques to stop bad bots without affecting legitimate traffic to the website. With real-time view of all traffic, and custom security rules for different kinds of bots, Incapsula is a powerful anti-botnet contender.

  • HTTP/S header content
  • Behavioral patterns and technology fingerprints
  • IP and ASN information
  • Instant CAPTCHA Blocking
  • Whitelisting and Blacklisting Options
  • Centralized Signature Pool
  • Global Bot Detection

Incapsula keeps track and record reputation of all kinds of traffic hitting your website. It blocks everything that can create trouble for your or the genuine visitors.


3 Shield_Square

Shield Square is one of the newer entrants on the list but it’s efficient. The company is dedicated and exclusively offers bot mitigation products. With collective intelligence and unique device fingerprinting, they ensure that attacks are prevented in real-time. Shield Square claims to have developed a ‘Turing’ test that analyses website pings in real-time, evaluates the entity, and uncovers malicious intents without delaying response. It detects:

  • Ad Fraud
  • Skewed Analytics
  • Price Scraping
  • Content Scraping
  • Account Takeover
  • Form Spam
  • Carding
  • Application DoS


This botnet detection tool also offers API whitelisting and blacklisting.


4 Alien Vault

Although Alien Vault has comprehensive bot detection and mitigation solution, it is marketed well or explained on the website. If you dig a bit deeper, their Unified Security Management (USM)  product offers threat intelligence on the traffic based on correlation rules, IDS signatures and so forth. When we tried reaching the company to test the solution, the response was limited to “bot protection is part of the solution”. While it is a expensive for startups and medium-sized companies, you might want to check it out once.

  • Website, host, and network level bot detection
  • Host-based IDS and correlation rules
  • Bot behavioral analysis
  • Integrates with Unified Security Management (USM) product

You can read their botnet detection whitepaper for more details.


5 SiteLock

SiteLock bot detection technology is also a part of their WAF solution and not offered as a standalone product. It is one of the components that helps the company detect spam traffic that could lead to an attack. Their product uses intelligent traffic profiling solutions to detect bots and stops them instantly. While it ensures protection from all kinds of DDoS attacks, there is no information on content and price scraping.

  • Brute Force
  • Connection Flood
  • CP FIN
  • DNS flood
  • HTTP Flood
  • ICMP
  • IGMP
  • Ping of Death
  • Slowloris
  • Spoofing
  • Smurf
  • TCP Fragment
  • Teardrop
  • UDP
  • Reflected ICMP and UDP
  • Mixed SYN + UDP or ICMP +UDP Flood
  • Zero-day DDoS Attacks
  • Attacks targeting Apache, Windows or OpenBSD Vulnerabilities
  • Attacks Targeting DNS Servers

Read more about on their bot protection here.


6 Akamai

Akamai is the only security vendor with huge repository of bot-based resources and a dedicated product. Their Bot Manager uses advanced signatures to minimize bot-based frauds and to reduce IT costs. It is powered by a bot directory that continuously studies web traffic and logs malicious behavior. Hence, if one of their customers faces issue with a certain bot, all of the customers are secured against that particular bot activity.

  • Bot directory
  • Real-time detection
  • Web scraping protection
  • Credential abuse blocking
  • Brute force detection
  • Simple Reporting


Akamai also has other security products that can work with Bot Manager to keep your site secure.


Do you have any other tools on mind to stop bot attacks? Leave them in the comments below.



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