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13 Website Malware Scanner Free

Malware is a menace.

Over 4000 malwares attacks happen every day. They continue to grow and evolve to dodge web scanning tools. You will be surprised to know that total malware count is now over 700,000,000.

malware attacks

Website owners must have detection tools that look for all kinds of malware and ensure through reporting. Our analysts have compiled a list of 13 of such free, freemium and free trials scanning tools that will help secure your website

1 Quttera

Quttera is a pioneer in malware scanning and removal. With customers in more than 32 countries, their free scanning is an excellent option on the list.

  • Threat severity assessment
  • Online Scanning
  • Blacklisting Detection
  • External Link Detection
  • iFrame Scanning

The company also has cleaning and monitoring services for infected websites. However, if you have a trained developer, they should be able to clean the website with Quttera reports.

2 Foregenix

Foregenix is one of the newer entrants on the list offering a wide range of detection services. They support WordPress, Joomla, Magento and other popular platforms.

forgenix product

  • Cloud Harvester Malware
  • Credit Card Hijack
  • Ransomware
  • Magento Backdoor Trojan Module
  • Magento Shoplift
  • Exposed API

The premium services include website security and digital forensics.



3 Sucuri

Sucuri is a popular option with a whole range of security solutions. If you are on WordPress, they also have a plugin that syncs with the WAF module. The malware scanning service checks for bugs, errors, and malicious files.

sucuri malware


  • Malware
  • Backlisting Status
  • Website Errors
  • Outdated Software


4 Malcare

Malcare malware protection is one of the fastest solutions. You get automatic daily scanning along with 1-click removal. Although there is no free plan on this product, you can drop an email and ask for trial for a month.

  • Daily Malware Scan
  • One-Click Clean-up
  • Blacklisting Detection
  • Automatic Scans

Malcare scan

5 Rescan.pro

Rescan.pro has multiple detection features that you would not find with any other product on the list. Other than looking for malicious files, it also finds redirects, injections, defacement issues, errors, and dangerous widgets.

  • Hidden Redirects Detection
  • Defacement Detection
  • Errors Detection
  • Adware, Widgets Detection
  • Blacklisting Detection

6 Web Inspector

Web Inspector is a basic malware scanning service. It simply finds malware infection online but doesn’t have anything else to offer. Please note that this service is offered by Comodo.


  • Instant Malware Scan
  • Email Reports
  • Dynamic Analysis
  • Buffer Overflow Detection


7 SiteGuarding

SiteGuarding is a 24/7 automatic malware scanning, monitoring, firewall, and clean-up solution with a 14-day free trial offer. It covers popular platforms including WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and Magento. You start evaluating the solution with a free scan on the website.

  • Defacement
  • Injection
  • Redirects
  • Auto Scans

8 Virus Total

Virus Total is a complete malware scanning tool for free. With options to upload file, paste URL or searching web resource, it lets you detect all types of malware. The company shares all data with the community to stay updated on all kinds of malware.

Virus Total is a good option to test files before you upload them on the website.

9 Google Malware Check

What’s better than Google’s own Malware Check? Google is continuously scanning all websites and flagging the suspicious ones to protect users. You can use this tool to ensure that the search giant does not block the website. Simply, paste the URL and learn if Google deems it unsafe to visit.

  • Malware
  • Redirects
  • Phishing Alert

10 Meta Defender

Meta Defender helps you scan any suspicious file, IP address or URL. With multiple anti-malware engines in one platform and centralized threat intelligence, you get a lot from this free website malware scan tool.

  • IP Reputation Check
  • Malware Scan
  • Vulnerability Scan
  • Centralized Threat Platform
  • Data Sanitization Checks

11 TrendMicro

TrendMicro HouseCall is helping website owners detect worms, malware, and spyware. However, this one is not a cloud service and required download on your system. Once set up, you can use the tools to test browser-independent apps without compatibility worries.

  • Find and Block Malicious Files
  • Quick or Through Scanning Options
  • Worm, Virus, and Spyware Check

12 Hacker Combat

Hacker Combat finds blacklisting, phishing, back door, trojan and code issues in real-time. With a wide range of other security products, this can be your go-to company for web protection.

  • Blacklist Checking
  • Suspicious Iframes
  • Heuristic Viruses
  • Drive-by-Drive Downloads
  • Back Doors and Worms
  • Suspicious Activity and Code
  • Malware Downloads
  • Phishing

13 Qualys

Qualys is a leader in web application scanning and rightly one of the costliest tools. However, with their free trial with unlimited usage scope, you can detect more than just malware.

  • Deep Scanning for Malware
  • OWASP Vulnerability Detection
  • Dashboard Reporting
  • Remediation Help
  • Centralized Database


Want to add a tool to this list? Leave your comments below.


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