11 API Performance Monitoring Tools with Free Trials

In a pool of APIs, you need monitoring tools to get instant alerts.

Your business cannot afford to lag due to performance issues. Every minute you spend with a feature down in service leads to loss of business, customer, and reputation.

This means that if at all any errors creep in your website, you need to know about it before your customer does. This is non-negotiable for any businesses especially banks, stock markets, and SaaS companies.

In the world of computer programming, API is for everything from the hardware to software. They are literally everywhere and are responsible for the essential elements of a website. This means that any web developer ought to be careful about the performance of an API, in order to ensure that the website may not suffer.

Here are the best tools to monitor API.

1. Amazon CloudWatch

If your website is built on AWS, you can use CloudWatch to monitor an application, and optimise the performance of resources. Get to know everything from resource usage, to bandwidth of network and more.

  • Access all your data from a single platform
  • Optimize applications and operational resources
  • Derive actionable insights from logs
  • Visibility across your applications, infrastructure, and services

2. Uptrends

With this tool, you can monitor websites, API, server and browsers. With a detailed report generated by the tool, you can get to know the areas facing problems. Many of the big names in the industry trust this tool.

  • SMS and voice alerts
  • Free mobile apps
  • Third-party integrations
  • Alert escalations

3. Assertible

Assertible is one of the easiest tool for monitoring APIs. It is used primarily for testing and QA purpose. The tool helps in monitoring the uptime and avoid any type of downtime using special codes.

  • Reliability tests and monitoring services
  • Compatible with all leading APIs
  • Validate app after deployment
  • Create assertions

4. AppDynamics

AppDynamics is a collection of a variety of tools, designed to serve the purpose of performance measurement. You can measure real time metrics as well as API performance to obtain important details about the functioning of your website.

 5. New Relic

This tool is by far one of the best API performance measuring tools. It is used widely by all scales of companies. It makes use of intuitive layout to get an exact flow of everything and check where the hurdles lie. Checking data flow was never easier.

 6. API Fortress

Designed for testers as well as developers, API Fortress can be used for creating a test suite from a pre existing API specification. The tool provides a whole package for rapid testing and performance measurement.

7. Traceview

If you need a tool that can monitor at the code level, then Traceview is for you. It supports all types if languages like Java, Scala, Mode, PHP, Ruby and more. It provides instant and relevant insights into the performance of an application, with reasons as to why it performs that way.

 8. Rapidspike

The tool focuses on the core aspects of uptime and performance monitoring. The tool offers a special alerts system, which sets it apart from similar applications.

 9. Agility Works

For websites which tend to stay active in terms of servicing their customers, Agility Works could be really important. With collaborative capabilities, there is no end to the benefits that you can achieve with this tool.10. BlazeMeter

For end to end testing and monitoring applications, this tool can help you a lot. It can get integrated with other tools to measure performance and analyse the results through a dashboard.

 11. Rigor

Rigor offers the feature of functional testing which can take you across the flow of an entire transaction. It is one of the best tools to report uptime and ensure that all the APIs work fine.

  • Define API Tokens once, reuse everywhere
  • CSS and Web Fonts
  • JavaScript-Powered
  • Test across multiple APIs
  • Simple to create even for non-tech folks

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